How To Wear Stripes For Your Body Type

How To Wear Stripes For Your Body Type

Holly Garrison
Fashion Lover. Stylist to the busy mom.

Stripes are incredibly popular this spring and summer, BUT are you fearful this classic print might draw unwanted attention to a certain area of your body? No matter your shape, stripes can work for you.

Just Remember: Vertical stripes help create length, whereas horizontal stripes help create width. 

Here are quick tips to try to make stripes work for your shape.

HOURGLASS [Curvy Figures]...

Try: a horizontal stripe to add focus to your curves [hips and bust]

PEAR [Bigger Bottom Halves and Smaller Top Halves]...

Try: a horizontal stripe top to create the illusion of a larger torso

PETITE [Shorter]...

Try:  a vertical thin stripe to elongate your figure

APPLE [Larger Midsection]...

Try: a vertical or diagonal stripes

RECTANGLE [Straight Up and Down]...

Try: a horizontal wide stripe to create the illusion of curves

Needless to say... I'm average height with a small chest and I LOVE them all! Wear whatever makes you feel good!! 

Have Fun with Your Clothes, My Friends!!!