Summer Travel Packing Essentials For Moms

Summer Travel Packing Essentials For Moms

Holly Garrison
Fashion Lover. Stylist to the busy mom.

Hey there busy mommas! I wouldn't say I am a minimalist, but I am definitely all for getting the most out of my wardrobe! However, I will say I am also a chronic over-packer! Which was totally acceptable [or manageable] before children. Now that we have kids, I have to be strategic and organized. Which is not how I like to pack. I like to drag my feet and at the last minute start throwing things into a suitcase.... Anyone else? It's something I'm working on... :)

So, with spring break and summer vacations quickly approaching, I wanted to share a couple of tips on packing for your warm weather vacays! 

Here's my quick tips on how to pack light[er] for your upcoming trip... 

Versatile Dress

We've all been there... either you don't have time OR you don't have the energy to get "dolled up" for dinner after spending the day poolside. Pack a really cute versatile dress you could wear as a swimsuit cover-up but then throw on with a cute wedge and statement earring in a hurry. 

This dress needs to pair well with all your packed shoes... such as a cute athletic shoe, a flat sandal, and a cute wedge.

Statement Jewelry

Lets be honest, moms... Who loves to spend a lot of time doing their hair while on vacation? You can usually catch me rocking a bun on the beach, in the pool, at dinner... you get the picture. But a pair of statement earrings quickly elevates your look from casual to glam in a pinch. 

Versatile Jewelry

Throw in a couple of versatile jewelry pieces you can dress down while still looking trendy in your shorts and a tee. Or dress up and wear with your fun summer dresses to dinner at night.

Cute Hat or Visor

This wide brim visor is my favorite. Like I said, I wear my hair up on vacation. And my high-pony, top-knot, or bun [depending on my mood ;)] looks cute thrown up through the top of the visor. And protecting our beautiful faces is a MUST!

Denim or Cropped Jacket

A little sun can cause the evenings to feel cooler, which is why I always pack a jacket [or four ;)]. A cropped jacket is super flattering and easy to pair with your summer style. It accessorizes your outfit without hiding it. It accentuates your curves [or waistline in a loose fitting dress]. 

Have fun on all your summer family adventures this year!!! And have fun with your clothes, my friends!!!